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Example Project
Of course everyone is concerned with, "How much will all this cost?"  Because each property and problem is unique perhaps the best way to give you an idea is to provide an example.

We were contacted by a customer who, after a long dry spell during summer,  was very worried he was running out of water for his farm and was also concerned that when it did rain the erosion working it's way up his gullys would get worse. He had no access to mains (town supplied) water and therefore totally relient on his dams for  his commercial operations as well as for his household water.

We met with him at his property and discussed his immediate problems, which were considerable, as well as his long term plans.   As per our normal practice we  walked the farm with him with two purposes. 1) to see first hand the areas of his property that were concerning him the most and 2) to explain what we saw, that is: the natural patterns and ancient river flow lines, the different steps in the landscape, the type of plants and what they tell us and suggestions of not just the work we might do, but even small changes he could make that could result in much larger positive outcomes.

The land walk provided us with enough information to begin the process of formulating a list of inital recommendations. After returning  to the office we consulted high resolution maps of his property with detailed contours and other geographic information and looked at these as well as the property boundaries, telephone, power poles and underground cables, all of which might impact on the proposed works.

An inital  proposal was prepared listing a suite of projects that addressed his concerns,  offered solutions and a general plan and timeframe.    This inital consultation cost $480 (plus travel)

Based on this inital proposal the customer decided to go ahead and have the projects prioritised, surveyed, designed and fully costed so he could budget for the proposed projects.

We then returned with surveying equipment and our specialist earthmover  to mark out where each contour, dam, GEC, cresent, log structure etc. would be located based on the overall systems, soil type and other natural and man made constraints. This second stage took three people six hours and cost (including equipment use). Cost  $1200 (plus travel)

Armed with this information and further consultation with the customer, we were able to provide a price range for each suite of projects. It is at this point the value of prioritising and colour coding each suite of projects is useful because the customer was able to clearly see that by completing Project 1 he would fix four major erosions problems,  build two contour  systems (2km in length) and install 2 X GECS  (Gulley Erosion Control Structures) along with enlarging an existing dam (from .5 to 2 Meg). Overall cost for: Earthworks + Project Management $18,900.

The customer agreed to proceed with three of the five projects identified so we mobilised our two dozers, excavator and dump truck onto site. All of the work came in either on budget or below budget which was pleasing for everyone, including us. Although if we have had an unforseen problem (hidden rocks for example) we would have stopped work and discussed with the customer what the issue was, any extra costs and the best solution before proceeding.  In fact, the customer was so pleased with our work he decided to complete one more project "while we were there". 

With the work complete we were able to give the customer a complete library of photos and video detailing each project from start to finish. Then after the first major rain event we returned to make sure everything was working as expected. We continue to stay in touch and monitor the changes over time.

Total Cost $20,580 (we did not charge for travel as it was within 30km of our home base)

Each project is unique and often needs different methods to stabalise erosion so please contact us to see how we can help you stop erosion and secure your water.  

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