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About Us




Erosion Fix is made up of a team of dedicated land repair specialists whose mission is to repair eroded and degraded land using proven methods of land restoration.  Each member of the team brings many years of professional and practical experience to each project enabling us to provide you with the breadth of corporate expertise with small company personal and customised service. 
As Quality Assurance Observation certified  project managers we not only bring  our understanding of landscape processes and systems to land repair but as importantly, the means to effectively manage your project to completion. We offer easy to understand and manage step by step solutions and ongoing back up along with photo and video documentation.  Erosion Fix is a Corporate Member of the International Erosion Control Association.
When making the big decisions about your land two things are paramount - trust and confidence.  You can trust that Erosion Fix will always act with your land's best interests in mind and in the most cost effective way we can manage.  While nature is complex and every property unique  you can be confident that after working on thousands of acres over 7 years the methods we use have been verified  by both landholders and science.