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Simple & Cost Effective Program for Landholders
Is your land suffering from ugly and costly erosion?
Are you watching topsoil wash away every time there is serious rainfall?
​Is the rain leaving your property before it can be fully utilized?
Around the world soil is being swept or washed away 10 to 40 times faster than it is being replenished destroying more than 10 million hectares (almost 37,000 square miles) of arable land every year. 
(Based on Cornell University research)

Your top soil took thousands of years to develop but can be lost in hours - without that topsoil you lose your future.  

​By combining decades of land restoration experience backed up by a wealth of scientific research, Erosion Fix. has developed a simple, proven & cost effective three step  process to keep that thousand year legacy on your land, not lost out to sea.

 Reverse the erosion on your land and ensure the safety of your  water supply.

Easy 3 Step Process
You are in control
  1. Planning
    We visit your property and develop a comprehensive assessment of your plans and problems. We then prioritise projects for maximum benefit.
  2. Earthmoving
    With our own equipment and specialist operators we won't waste time instructing generic operators but rather just get on with the job.
  3. Monitoring
    Our DJI Phantom 3 Pro provides detailed high resolution before, during and after photos and videos to assist you to monitor the changes to your property.
Your Water Stays on Your Property
Using a unique series of contoured water channels, GECS (Gully Erosion Control Structures), available materials and other natural structures we slow the flow of water across your land. This stops and reverses erosion while allowing water to seep deep into the earth providing both long term hydration to grass and trees as well as a slow release top up of water into your dam.

The result is greener grass, fuller dams and the reversal of erosion.
97% Tree Survival Rate
Did you know that in most tree planting programs only 3% of the trees planted will survive? Through preparation of the soil and carefull plant selection and placement our program has achieved a 97% survival rate for trees and bushes.

By strengthening the soil with tree and plant roots and slowing the flow of water over the land the erosion process can first be  stabilised and then reversed.
Highly Degraded Land Specialists
Have you lost hope of restoring your land? Don't give up, we've successfully restored derelict land that seemed irreparable. We can draw from a range of techniques to bring even the most damaged property back to life.

Remember 1mm of soil lost to erosion over 1 hectare is the equivalent of 15 tons of top soil. It will take 20 years to restore if left to natural processes. 
So How Will We Help You?
We will work with you every step of the way as we are not just consultants. We are the people that own and operate the earthmoving machinery using our proven methods.

We stay in touch after we have finished the work and make minor adjustments to ensure you are receiving the maximum advantage of that precious 'free' resource - Rain!

Water Security - Before & After

18 months -Southern Cross University Study 

Erosion - Before & After

8 hours later

Contour - Before & After

3 months later.

Contour - Before & After

6 months and a 300mm rain event  later
Fix Erosion
Check out how we fix erosion and protect water. This short video provides a snap shot of what we do.
Click on "Contact Us"below and ​we will call or email you within 24 hours to discuss how we can help you get control of your erosion and protect your water.